Quick bits

1.I’m not seeing a lot of wildlife here and I can’t figure out why.

2.  There are volunteers everywhere.  I spoke with one woman who told me that just 1 restaraunt for the athletes has over 2000 volunteers.

3.  A soda, bag of chips and a hot dog will cost you $10 USD.

4.  I’ve been making one big language mistake.  I thought I’ve been saying “sorry” to people if I accidently bump into them or try to squeeze by.  But I’ve been saying “Listen!” instead.  

5.  Today in a long line to buy souveniers, a cash register opened but the lady in front of me didn’t see the cashier.  Since there’s a language barrier, I went to lightly tap her shoulder to get her attention.  Inexplicably, I poked her shoulder blade incredibly hard instead.  Feeling bad, I promptly said, “Listen!” I received a very angry look indeed.

6.  Jen wanted to snap a picture so she put her bag down and asked me to watch it.  The next thing I knew, I was being nudged  by a heavily armed Federal Police agent.  Two agents stood directly in front of me and watched my every move until Jen came back and retrieved her bag.  Jen has a way of putting me in these predicaments.  At least the security is good.

7.  Every tv in Rio is tuned into the Olympics.

8.  There are 14 people total staying at our hotel.  3 of us have lived in Pittsburgh. Seriously, yinz guys?

9. Dave from Australia is visiting Florida after Rio.  He’s totally afraid of alligators and sought my advice on how to stay safe.  I told him don’t feed them.

10.  I am impressed with how many people have travelled alone to Rio.   Including a woman in her 70’s from Chicago.

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