Quick bits

1.  The parallel parking here is an art form.  On a steep hill a car can park within inches, front and back, all while driving a stick.

2.  It takes awhile to get from venue to venue, but it’s hassle free.  They are doing an amazing job of keeping people headed in the right direction.

3.  Brazalians do not eat a lot of food in the stands.  Maybe a beer or a coke, but nothing like the US where a person will have nachos, hot dog, pretzel and a beer in one tray.

4.  I ordered a pizza at the concession stand.  I was asked if I wanted ketchup or mustard with that.  

5.  People love their dogs here.  My inexact study has determined about 70% are golden retrievers.

6. People drive nice cars, not fancy or expensive, but nice.  Fiats, VW, Honda.  

7.  The people behind me today didn’t speak Englsh but they sang every word to My Sharona.

8.  I was expecting much more samba.  Instead it’s all American music 99% of the time.  Its pretty amazing to see the influence of American culture here.

9.  If you watched archery, we were probably on tv.  We sat with a bunch of other flag waiving Americans.

10.  Jen is a bull in a China shop.  She has inadvertently bumped, hit, kicked and smacked about 3 dozen people.  She also, somehow, stepped and tripped on someone’s lunch while trying to get  into a cab that someone else was already in.  

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