Quick bits

I really want to tell you about yesterday’s volleyball match between Argentina and Camaroon but we start our day at 7 am and don’t get back to the room until 9 or later.  With spotty internet, it’s taking longer than expected.  But here are the highlights/ observations from today.

 1.  I’m pretty sure we made Iranian tv as we stood directly under the Iranian flag during the 94kg men’s weightlifting medal ceremony. 

2.  It is challenging to find our way around.  Every street seems like it’s named after a General.

  3.  We saw the Olympic cauldron with 300,000 of our closest friends.  Not exagerrating, the streets were absolutely packed with people. 

 4.  Jen and Iwere almost hit by a bus.  It came careening around a corner and I pushed Jen one way and jumped back the other way.  Jen said it felt like 3 minutes before the bus would pass and she knew I was safe. 

 5.  There are fire extinguishers about every 10 feet.

  6.  I yelled at a cab driver in my best Portuguese to stop. He kept missing the turn and I was convinced he was just running the meter.  Jen was convinced he was just dumb.

  7.  I have a new appreciation for weightlifting.  

8.  Nothing brings women of the world together like passing a roll of toilet paper while standing in line for the bathroom when all the stalls have run out of paper. 

 9.  The architecture is beautiful.  

10.  People are really enjying themselves.  I haven’t seen anyone lose their patience or get upset.  It is a very jovial atmosphere everywhere we go.

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