Quick Bits

1. I’ve seen the southern cross constellation.

2.  Watched a Polish athlete set a new world record in the hammer throw.

3.  I’m still amazed at the size of the crowds.  Everywhere we go it’s a steady stream of people.  I’m talking 5-6 people across for as far as the eye can see.  There’s a lot of walking but not a lot of waiting.

4.  We are officially Olympic veterans: we saw an American family standing confused, map in hand, trying to get directions.  We were able to help them decipher all the stops, subway, busses and trains.

5.  Speaking of busses, subways, and trains… for $50 we have unlimited use of Rio’s public transportation for the week.

6.  We can’t board the train to the Olympic Park without an event ticket and the prepaid metro card.

7.  We are having better luck finding good food.  Although today I ate a pickled carrot.  Yuck.

8.  Several Brazalians have remarked that the games are good for them.  So many were against it because of the economic situaton here, but seeing the world’s focus on them, they are now excited.  It’s lifted the city’s and country’s morale.

9.  There were 30 mph gusts today during the diving prelims yet the show went on.  Much respect for those divers.

10.  Steeplechase is an exciting event.  I was so ho-hum about seeing the women’s 3000m steeplechase final, but I was on my feet, whipping my American flag as our runner finished third … the first medal ever for an American in the event.

Tomorrow, so far, is event free.  Planning on checking out the Christ statue. 

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