Quick bits …Gold edition

1.  A monkey pooped on Jen this morning. They are small and behave like squirrels.

2.  Jen made fun of this girl on the bus next to her.  At one point Jen said that she loved the fact that no one understood English so she could speak freely.  The woman sitting next to her spoke English.

3.  Our dining experiences are an adventure.  We think we order 1 thing, and something else is delivered.

4. A little boy followed me around a store.  His mother asked me to speak o him in English.  I did and gave him a fist bump, his face lit up.

5.  We are exhausted.  We had a couple of hours between Greco-Roman wrestling and the gymnastic individual events.   We totally fell asleep on the grass near the tennis venue.  Like snoring sleep.

6.  I am so impressed with how efficiently Brazil is moving people through the venues.  I haven’t had to wait in a line more than 3 minutes.  Thats for bag checks, ticket entry, food and beverages. I am simply amazed at the number of people in this city right now.

7.  Watching Simone win gold was impressive.  Able to sing along with the National Anthem was an experience I will never forget.

8.  It is impressive just how affordable everything is.  They allow food and water into the arenas so you are not forced to buy theirs.  But they still don’t overprice their food.

9.  An incredble tribute to Uzbekistan’s Oksana Chusovitina competing in her 7th Olympics.  She competed on the vault and was most likely her last competition.  They ran a video tribute to her and she received a standing ovation.

10.  Who wears a Tom Brady jersey to the Olympics?

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