Quick bits

1.  The merchandise for the Olympics is sparse.  Perhaps I’m used to American consumerism in which they will stick a logo on just about anything, but not the case here.  There’s only about 5 styles of t-shirts and you better like white or blue.  Same thing with hats; white or blue.  Thought I was going to crush my Christmas shopping here but that’s not going to happen.

2.  I tried the brigadiero…it’s a dessert.  Tastes like chocolate icing but smoother.  Delicious.

3.  I have yet to see that obnoxiously drunk guy.   Hope I don’t.

4.   Security is everwhere but not intrusive.  It is a bit weird to see military transport vehicles with over a dozen heavily armed soldiers drive past.

5.  They must have 50,000 busses in this city.

6.  Learning how to ask where the bathroom is was the best Portguese language lesson ever.

7.  I’m still scratching my head at some of the signage.  To get to Olympic Stadium, the “Official” directions provide a station name that was not on the list. I just followed every flag caped person on the train.  Worked just as well.

8.  I’m sure you’ve heard by now about them tearing down a favella to build the Olympic park but a few holdout didn’t move so they built them “prettier” homes.  Those homes sanitation consist of releasing everthing into the canal that runs along a the major walkway to the majority of the venues.  Stincky ewwww.

9.  There must be 10,000 volunteers here and they all got pretty sweet outfits.

10.  I heard that everyone knows English in Rio.  No they do not.  Not even close.  But we’ve managed to get by with a Spanish, Portuguese, English, body language mix.  

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