Quick bits – tourist edition

1.  Not a lot of commercialism here.  Maybe a few drug store and fast food chains, but everything seems like a mom and pop shop.

2.  We had dinner tonight at the bar where the song   “Girl from Ipamena” was written.

3.  Salads are not really a thing here.  We ordered a salad and it consisted of leaves of lettuce with a dozen tomato slices and half of a sliced onion on a serving tray.  

4.  Sugar loaf mountain was a great experience.  Stunning views.

5.  The drivers here are insane.  They pass cars within inches at fast speeds.  Yet I’ve only seen 1 accident and cars do not have dings or dents in them.  It’s an art form here.

6.  The term hot shower has an entirely different meaning here than in the U.S.  The shower head is electrical and “heats” the water as it pass through.  It is not efficient or effective.

7.  We must be walking between 5 and 7 miles a day.

8.  What they don’t have in salads, they make up for bread.  The bread is delicious.  This is definately a carb diet in Rio.

9. At dinner, the young girl at the table next to us, came over to speak to us in English so she could practice.  She was probably 7, has only taken 1 year of English and spoke extremely well.  Compared to my 8 years of Spanish and I can only muster, “What’s your name?” and “LISTEN!”

10.  We watched some 8-10 year old boys play soccer on the beach. I now understand why U.S mens soccer is so far behind.  Im not sure they could beat these boys.

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