We visited Chicago Easter weekend and had a blast.  Here are my quick bits:

  1. Great city. I loved being in an urban setting without the claustrophobia that I feel after a few days in New York City.
  2. I loved how easily walkable the city is and they have a robust bike share program that adds to the accessibility of tourist spots.
  3. Lake Michigan is such a great backdrop and the multi-use trial along the Lake just adds to the City.  
  4. The people are laid back and polite.  Not once did I hear someone obnoxiously talking on their cell phone or push by while walking down the street.
  5. The drivers have developed a honk tap to get people and cars moving.  They repeatedly tap the horn in short bursts. One bus driver tapped out the “shave and a hair cut, two bits” staccato.
  6. While known for their deep dish pizza, it is not something you can just grab and go.  Most places make you wait 45 minutes before the pizza is ready. This was quite annoying for Jen and I as we go, go, go, until hungry then want to eat right away.  So if you’re going to Chicago you have schedule time to eat deep dish.
  7. They need to polish the bean.  Do they ever clean it?20170415_092822 (1)
  8. The bike share, known as Divy was super simple to use.  We had day passes.  But hidden in the fine print is a surcharge for use over 30 minutes.  The program is designed to get you from place to place for short trips, but Jen and I rode along the Lake Michigan and explored te City by bike.  It would be nice to have the option to ride for more than 30 minutes without being dinged in the wallet.
  9. The L was the easiest transportation I have ever used.  Purchasing a ticket was straightforward and logical.  In other cities I’ve had to enlist helps from locals trying to figure out how to buy  the correct fare card.
  10. A lot of homeless people.  And surprisingly, many were women.  The homeless were not aggressive.  Rather, they simply sat holding signs.  Very few approached asking for money.
  11. We went to the top of the John Hancock building.  On the 94th floor, they have a bank of windows that tilt downward at a 30 degree angle. 

    I take a closer look at Wrigley Field and Cubs fans in later entries.

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