20170414_103129This was my first time at Wrigley, Jen’s third trip to the Friendly Confines.  Anyone who has any awareness of American sports knows that the Cubs endured 108 years between Championships.  The fans  were known as Lovable Losers for enduring years of futility.  Their motto was “Wait Until Next Year.”  So in October 2016, when they finally shed their championship drought, Cubs fan experienced pure jubilation.

I wish I had visited Wrigley before they became World Champions so I could compare the attitudes and vibes of the before and after.  Even without that perspective, there’s still a silly drunkenness feel in the ballpark during their second home series of 2017.

I was both amused and perplexed with my 2 visits to Wrigley.  A separate blog will discuss Cub fans.  Here are my quick hits:

  1. You really have to pay attention if you sit down either the 1st or 3rd base lines.  The wall is low and some foul balls really go screaming into the crowd.
  2. We attended 2 games and had great seats both times.  Advantage for an intimate, older ball park. We bought tickets last minute for the 2nd game and were right behind home plate on the 2nd level.20170414_120108
  3. No one understands the aisle system from what I can tell.  Wrigley deviates from section numbers and you find your seat by either sitting to the left or right of the aisle. Not all aisles are marked from what I can tell.
  4. The 50-50 raffle raises some serious cash.
  5. Ticket prices, at first glance are ok.  Then you are hit with the taxes and fees.  Ridiculous.  These fees should be added into the price when looking at seats as it can raise the price substantially.  The surcharge is 12-15 per cent.
  6. After standing in line or an entire inning for popcorn and a drink, I can appreciate new ball parks with the plethora of concession stands and food options.
  7. Do not buy the licorice rope.  I think it was leftover from 1908.
  8. After the first game, it was a substantial wait to get on the L at the Addison station.  After the 2nd game, we walked the several blocks to Sheffield where there was a) no wait and b) we boarded and got a seat before the masses boarded at the Addison station.
  9. I love that the Cubs broadcast the game on a huge screen outside the stadium so people can still watch the game and be a part of the Wrigley experience without shelling out the cash on tickets, taxes and fees.
  10. The scoreboards do not post errors.  You have to look at one jumbo tron for pitch speed, another side scoreboard for balls and strikes.
  11. While there’s something nostalgic about the old scoreboard, and its fun to watch the numbers be put into place, with scores streaming real time on cell phones, the scorekeepers take an extremely long time to update the out of town scores.20170416_162854



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