About Us


When Jen is awake, everyone is awake.  Vacations included.  She rises early and has hiked and eaten breakfast before most people know what time it is.  She  forbids strict itineraries but prefers to spontaneously explore her surroundings with a level of high energy usually reserved for a hyper puppy.  As such, when she is tired, she will lay down anywhere to nap.  Only to wake again fully ready to tackle the next adventure.


As a young girl, Jackie and her family drove across the United States in a faux wood-paneled station wagon.  She sat “in the way back” facing backwards the entire trip, watching the horizon disappear.  It was the hum of asphalt under the steel radial tires that rocked her asleep and where her passion for travel began.  To this day, one of her favorite sounds is of half melted ice sloshing around in a cooler; a testament to the hours spent travelling between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.   Like Jen, Jackie does not want to be held to a strict agenda and prefers the independence to discover the various cultures and languages of the world.

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