A few of the sights

That boy got some height After setting a new Olympic and World Record in the hammer throw, everyone chanted Anita’s name.   After the men’s 3000m steeplechase heat, a little sportsmanship. What happens to the hammer (the ball on a string) after the athlete throws it and it’s measured? Why they place it in a remote control truck and take it back. Simone, before the individual vault competition, looking at the women she’s about to crush. I would like to apologize to the British family in front of me as I apparently hit them several times with the flag.  But … Continue reading A few of the sights

Quick Bits

1. I’ve seen the southern cross constellation. 2.  Watched a Polish athlete set a new world record in the hammer throw. 3.  I’m still amazed at the size of the crowds.  Everywhere we go it’s a steady stream of people.  I’m talking 5-6 people across for as far as the eye can see.  There’s a lot of walking but not a lot of waiting. 4.  We are officially Olympic veterans: we saw an American family standing confused, map in hand, trying to get directions.  We were able to help them decipher all the stops, subway, busses and trains. 5.  Speaking … Continue reading Quick Bits

Quick bits …Gold edition

1.  A monkey pooped on Jen this morning. They are small and behave like squirrels. 2.  Jen made fun of this girl on the bus next to her.  At one point Jen said that she loved the fact that no one understood English so she could speak freely.  The woman sitting next to her spoke English. 3.  Our dining experiences are an adventure.  We think we order 1 thing, and something else is delivered. 4. A little boy followed me around a store.  His mother asked me to speak o him in English.  I did and gave him a fist … Continue reading Quick bits …Gold edition


I began to think that many of the stories from the Olympics and the idea of the Olympic spirit was hyperbole.  But it’s not.  The Olympic Spirit is actually a thing, it exists and it permeates everyone.  On Friday we had tickets for indoor volleyball.  The first match was Serbia versus China and the Serbs were impressive.  The next match was Argentina versus Camaroon; both winless in their first Olympics.   Knowing we had 2 more events and that time was tight, I figured we’d catch a bit of the 1st set then leave.  Then Camaroon entered the arena, exuberant … Continue reading Cam-a-ROON

Quick bits

I really want to tell you about yesterday’s volleyball match between Argentina and Camaroon but we start our day at 7 am and don’t get back to the room until 9 or later.  With spotty internet, it’s taking longer than expected.  But here are the highlights/ observations from today.  1.  I’m pretty sure we made Iranian tv as we stood directly under the Iranian flag during the 94kg men’s weightlifting medal ceremony.  2.  It is challenging to find our way around.  Every street seems like it’s named after a General.   3.  We saw the Olympic cauldron with 300,000 of our … Continue reading Quick bits