Events and Tickets

When deciding on which events to see, I had this philosophy:  See 1 original Olympic game, 1 new Olympic sport, and a sport with little exposure in the U.S.  Jen added another:  1 event in which we can see an American win gold and watch the Stars & Stripes be raised. With these criteria,  we began looking at purchasing tickets which is not as simple as it may sound.  Tickets went on sale in Brazil in April of 2015, but only for Brazilian citizens.  Each Olympic Country is distributed an allotment of tickets that are sold through distributors.  In the … Continue reading Events and Tickets

Adventure Underway

When I was 6, my family piled into the faux-wood paneled station wagon and drove across the country.  As the youngest of 3, I sat in the rear on the backwards facing seat, essentially seeing everywhere we had just been.  The sound of the highway murmuring beneath the tires and of half frozen ice sloshing around inside the cooler provided my soundtrack of seeing America.  It was during this trip, seeing landscapes so different from the one outside of my bedroom window, that I became a traveler. Now 41, I’ve had some wonderful adventures, but the appreciation for the ones … Continue reading Adventure Underway