A Wee Bit of the Highland Games

We travel to see different places and experience different sporting events.  Summers in Scotland feature Highland Games.  Originally, Highland Games were actually military exercises.  Now, the Highland Games are community type festivals to celebrate Scottish heritage and competition.  We headed toward Lochearnhead for their Highland Games.  The games were held in an open field that must also double as a cow pasture as there were warnings for E.coli. There were a few tents set up like you would find at an arts festival here.  We spoke with several of the locals.  When they found out we were from the U.S., … Continue reading A Wee Bit of the Highland Games

Getting There: Miami to Dublin

It is always a bit daunting when faced with an entire day of travel which includes a red eye. We left Miami a little before 10 PM on a 8 and 1/2 hour flight. We flew Aer Lingus, an Irish airline. Here are our quick hits: 1. Yes, the airplane cabin decor is various shades of green. Which matched the color of the ocean waters. They were a green that I would expect to see in the Caribbean. 2. Great airline. Roomy seats even in economy that actually recline back. 3. Jen’s seat had a wet spot. Perhaps the prior … Continue reading Getting There: Miami to Dublin